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Hey everyone, so recently I was nominated by Amelia from Rosetintedpics to do The Travel Tag, and as soon as I saw my nomination I was so excited as travelling around the world  is something I love and enjoy so much! I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places all around the world with my family but one day it would be nice to venture out into the beautiful unknown my own!

So I have been asked to answer a collection of questions so I’m just going to get straight on into it!

  1. What is your favourite thing to do on holiday?

My favourite thing to do on holiday is and has got to be… relaxing on the beach or by the pool and going swimming in the sea. You know that feeling when you say to yourself in your head ‘ahh that’s the life’ well that is what I look forward to feeling every beach holiday! I also love shopping and checking out other countries cultures, I find it so interesting to see the different ways of living. If we are going to a heavily touristy place, I do quite like to do all the classic tourist things as it feels like your trip has been accomplished then!

DSCN1125 (2).JPG

        2. What is your favourite place to visit?

Now this is a hard one as I said, I’ve been incredibly lucky when it comes to travelling, one of my first ever posts was all about where I have travelled to so click HERE to see that. You will see that I’ve been to Thailand twice now and both times it has been amazing, I can’t get enough of that country, I love its culture- the people are so lovely and the beaches and snorkelling is AMAZING. I seriously advise you try to go to Thailand at least once because it truly is beautiful!


       3. Where would you like to visit in the future?

Well yet again this is a hard one because the answer is EVERYWHERE! However there are some places I am dying to visit and they are Bali, Zurich (in Switzerland), Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Santorini (in Greece), Iceland to see the northern lights, Milan (in Italy), Japan, India and Vietnam. So yeah basically the whole world sorry okay, blame it on the beautiful places the world has to offer!

       4. Do you prefer going abroad or going to places within your country?

Definitely 100% abroad! I love travelling, the whole  buzz you get at hotels in other countries, their airports and different modes of transport, it sounds ridiculous but I’m sure you all can relate! It’s just so much different to England, everywhere you go here it’s more a less the same. You don’t get to see diverse cultures or beautiful landscapes. However I would like to explore more parts of England too as I think we have some amazing places to offer.


        5. What’s your favourite food to eat abroad?

Well it depends on the country really, in Thailand all i eat is super spicy Green Curry, it’s full of flavour, I’m obsessed! Most countires offer quite a western menu now but it’s still always with a little twist. I like getting a good old Caeser Salad, I remember ordering one in Thailand and one in Madrid and they where completely different!

        6. Three holiday essentials?

  • Magazines- got to pick a pack of three up from WHsmiths, it’s a must!
  • Earphones- can’t go without these,they are a pool side and in flight essential.
  • A book- I love reading a book on the beach, it really helps to relax me.

        7. Your favourite holiday experience?

This must be the time I visited the Bahamas for my cousins wedding. Oh goly gosh, it was literally paradise. Now the travelling to get to the particular island was crazy, first two planes, then a taxi, then a boat and then we arrived to the tiny little island. The people who lived there all probably knew eachother, they where American Caribbean and were such a cool culture! The beaches were pure white powder and the sea crystal clear. The wedding was insane, I got to meet various well known people within the fashion industry! It was just an amazing experience altogether.


       8. Do you like packing? 

Suprisingly yes I do. I really don’t mind it, I think it’s because I get super excited about what my outfits are going to be ect, then I just start imagining the holiday and from then on I can’t stop thinking about the trip!

      9. Do you like flying? 

Yes I think its really exciting. Obviously I have my worries but I just think about landing and the holiday I have ahead. I don’t like t stress out and panic about it as I’ve never experienced a near accident or anything.


      10. Who do I choose to do this tag?

I nominate:

Ingrid’s Blog

Maine Coonie (Bekkah)

Eleanor Claudie

My questions for your are…

  1. What do you love about travelling?
  2.  What is your favourite country you’ve been to so far?
  3. Favourite place in England?
  4. What is your best travel tip?
  5. 3 in flight essentials?
  6. Top 5 places your dying to go to?
  7. If you could go anywhere tomorrow where would it be?
  8. What is your worst experience travelling?
  9. Have you ever travelled to another country not by plane? (like cruise/ferry?)
  10. Who do you nominate?

Thank you for nominating me Amelia, this was such a fun post to write and I wish all my nominees good luck. Please don’t feel obliged to do it if you do not wish to that is okay! But if you do choose to, have fun! Thank you for reading this little bonus post!

Tilly Rose x




  1. October 9, 2016 / 11:41 am

    Aw I loved reading your answers! Gorgeous photos too! Thailand look amazing! Thanks for doing the post Hun xx

  2. October 9, 2016 / 12:32 pm

    Thailand is so beautiful! The pictures in this are astounding!💗Xx

  3. October 11, 2016 / 4:35 am

    Loveee the pictures! I am going to Thailand next April and this has made me even more excited!

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