My Favourite Style of Jewellery

Today I am going to be talking about something I’m not used to talking about which is jewellery because this post was originally a guest blog post for a friend called Charlotte who has an awesome jewellery blog (Olive Brighton) and trust me she knows her stuff! So the type of jewellery that I admire most is minimalist and dainty necklaces, rings and earrings. Lets begin…

So my favourite style of jewellery like I just said, has to be the more simple and minimal type, not covered in crystals and rhinestones just plain. Sounds boring but I think it looks rather pretty on girls as it’s not shouting out ‘LOOK AT ME’, instead it’s elegant and stylish.


The sort of rings I like are the ones that have shapes on them (if that makes sense?!, for example it may have squared/trinagular/circular features to it. I’m just going to show you some pictures because I am obviously so terrible at describing jewellery!


mix of shapes

double bar

As you can see they are all very minimal and simple, you can wear lots at once and some as midi rings which I think looks really cool! I sometimes go even plainer with a solid round ring and nothing fancy on it at all, just to add a little something to my outfit.


circle necklace



Usually I go for simple, dainty necklaces with small pendants, like shapes as I don’t like to draw a lot of attention to my chest area. I think it looks really flattering wearing a small dainty necklace, especially a shorter 16″/18″ chain. A piece that I currently do not own but hope to one day is a layered necklace in the same kind of minimal style as they look so cool and chic on people (see in third pic)!


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


My favourite piece of jewellery by far is earrings, I wear wear them literally everyday! Sometimes I like to wear rhinestones but most days I always have my silver hoops that I got from Urban Outfitters in (who BTW are really good with this style of jewellery!). I’m really in love with these minimal stud designs, the triangle ones are a bit more edgy and fun plus I adore the stunning opal in them! The straight lined pin studs are simple but cool, I’ve always wanted a pair like this! The last photo is my favourite, partially because you can choose pink and gold which is such a cute combo, ahh I’m in love with this pair and may have to purchase now I’ve found them. So as a round up for minimal earrings these are the styles I like a lot, including small hooped earrings as you can’t go wrong with them really!

Linked below are the brands I recommend buying minimalist jewellery from …

Cadette Jewelry 

Estella Bartlett

 Shlomit Ofir

Urban Outfitters

Daintiii – Use ‘INSTA15’ for 15% off for this new and upcoming brand!

Thank you for reading this slightly off piste post but if you enjoyed it please head over to Olive Brighton to have a lil browse at some of her other jewellery related posts that may interest you! Also please comment down below your favourite style of jewellery!

Tilly Rose x



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