How To Get ‘On Fleek’ Brows


Brows are very important for people nowadays, thick, structured brows are the ones to have right now. Floating around Instagram and other social media sites are videos and pictures of mind blowing, gorgeous eyebrows that I literally want to cry over! Me having dark bushy eyebrows seems to come at an advantage when wanting to complete the Instagram brow look however they take a lot of maintenance and can do the complete opposite of what I’d like them to do! Here is my step by step way of doing HD/Instagram (whatever you want to call it) brows…


Products used: RT Eyebrow Brush, Collection Clear Mascara, Bare Minerals Concealer Brush, Collection Concealer (fair 1), spooley, ABH Dipbrow (Dark Brown).

So first are some basics that you’ve probably already heard of but they are so important! That is the ‘where your eyebrow starts and ends’ rule, all you have to do is before you start plucking manically away, take an eyebrow brush place it at the corner of your nostril in a straight line upwards- should line up with the start of your brow. Then start from the same place but make the line go through the middle of your pupil- that is where your arch should be, then again the same starting place but the line should follow through the outer corner of the eye- for where the brow should end.


Now you have the right shape you can start by taking a pomede or a wax product, personally I love the ABH Dipbrow Pomede in Dark Brown just because it’s SO easy to use and this pairs nicely with the RT Eyebrow Brush– needs to have short and firm bristles. Go ahead and dip your brush into the product, wipe the excess off on the back of your hand and start shading in the middle of the brow then when you think enough product has been removed then more firmly line the top of the brow to create a sharp outline. Then continue to create the desired shape you want, once complete just brush through with a spooley.

Here’s my favourite part, the bit that brings the whole look together and that is outlining your eyebrow with concealer in order to get rid of mistakes and to make it look extra sharp and HD! Take any concealer, looks even better with a shade lighter (I use Collection Lasting Perfection), and a brush then blend away from the brow making sure to be delicate when getting close. Then to set these bad boys in place I use Collections Clear Mascara just because they do not budge when I use this, it featured in my top three most used beauty products!

So that is the end of my eyebrow routine, I wear this look most of the time however not always with the concealer as my mornings are always very time consuming! I would like to say that I am not a makeup artist and am probably doing it all wrong but this is just how I like to do my eyebrows so I  thought I’d share it with you seeing as it’s been successful for me! Thank you for reading.

Tilly Rose x



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