Celebrating 1000 Views!

YAY! Finally I have hit my goal of 1000 views on this blog and couldn’t be anymore grateful for every single person who’s clicked on links from my social media, or just stumbled across it and had a quick read. I love you all! thank you for 1000.PNG

So when I first started my blog 4 months ago in April I never imagined hitting this amount of views, honestly I thought I’d get the odd person from my family and friends read it! Talking of my family and friends they have supported me so much so thank you for everything if your reading! Back to the subject of me starting my blog, so I have been reading blogs and watching You Tuber’s for years now and have always been really interested in it but before I even knew about this crazy social world believe it or not I used to have a blog called Fashionista Tips for Girls! How cringe I must of been 8 or 9 I can’t remember exactly but it was as guessed by the name about girls fashion, I would give tips and share my favourite fashion styles haha. That all ended when I stopped uploading, for no apparent reason but I am so so glad I’ve found this blog as I really do love what I do.

I think the main reason why I started my blog was because I have a huge passion for beauty, fashion and sharing my tips ect, because I have such opinionated thoughts about it all that is why I though it was best to write them down somewhere, so why not do it in a blog?! I’m really enjoying doing it as it’s so fun and exciting, can’t be any better really!

So as a thank you I am sharing with you all my discount codes from the fabulous brands I have worked with so far, I loved collaborating with them and should hope to do some more!

barbas nd zacari

Barbas & Zacari Watches are beautiful and so on trend at the moment!


Clearista is an amazing skincare brand, I have loved using their products- see my recent skin care post to find out more!

cocnut lane

Coconut Lane is so on trend and has some super cool stuff, honestly love this company.




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