What to do on a lazy day?

So as we all know the summer holidays are creeping closer and closer, time is ticking away and freedom awaits! We all have those days in the summer when you really don’t know what to do, your bored out of your mind, fed up of seeing friends or just cant be bothered to go out. This guide should help you feel relaxed if you want to have a nice and calm lazy day this summer. You won’t have to go anywhere or spend any money so it is a perfect ‘cba’ kinda day guide.

It begins with a long lie in, yes a lie in hallelujah! Take as long as you want, you’ve got nowhere to be or if you have, just take it slowly and embrace the time. Take this time to do whatever you need to do in your dreams- sleep it out!IMG_3146.JPG

I love to play music when I’m alone or bored, just put on your favourite jams and maybe have a cheeky dance, whatever! Pump it loud or just have it quite and calm its your day! I use the free music app called iTube however I believe it has been made unavailable on the app store, there are many other free music apps that play songs without wifi though.IMG_3162.JPG

Candles are key to relaxing and self indulgence, just light a few around you and you’ll instantly feel relaxed. This one is neroli and jasmine from Oliver Bonas, I love it! IMG_3151.JPG

A sleepy outfit is an necessity- it needs to be comfy and something you may end up drifting off to sleep in. I took some Jack Wills leggings that are so soft and a cute pink top from Primark to match. A nice outfit makes you feel confident that its okay to have a lazy day and not do anything! IMG_3175.JPG

Ooo my favourite, for those rainy days we have during summer here in Britain, a hot drink is perfect for feeling cosy. I made a hot chocolate and drank it in bed of course doing the next things on the guide… IMG_3214.JPG

I may be a tad obsessed with online shopping but thats never a bad thing, I think of it as collecting inspiration for my fashion style. It doesn’t have to be purchasing just browsing I I love it! My favourite places at the moment are Asos, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. IMG_3180.JPG

Reading a magazine or book can give your eyes a rest from all the digital technology we use nowaday, it relaxes you and is much healthier!  Preferably I like to read gossip/ fashion magazines just because they appeal to me more than books but whatever takes your fancy I guess!IMG_3019.JPG

Last but not least is movies in bed the typical lazy day treat. For me I like to watch what I call a ‘youtube fest’ where I basically watch a million videos and catch up on onesthat I’ve missed. I love doing this but i do feel extra extra lazy! IMG_3212.JPG

So that’s about as lazy as I can get, I hope I’ve given you some ideas or thoughts on what to do on your next lazy day ahead but to be honest the clue is in the name- if you want to sleep all day then do that!

Tilly Rose x


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