Top 3 Most used beauty products. 

This was quite hard for me to narrow down from the makeup collection I already have (rather small) which is worrying to think as I want to grow it bigger, so god knows how I’ll pick then! These items are all from the drugstore/high street so really affordable. I thought I’d just share with you my favourite most used products.

1. Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. This is my favvvvvourite mascara ever- so far! It is separating and volumising (not too much but enough for my liking), I just love it. I can’t see myself using anything else.

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This comes to no suprise as it’s a highly spoke about popular concealer amongst the beauty world and I can see why. It has amazing high coverage, isn’t too drying and stays put. The texture is fairly thick but works well into the skin I think.

3. Collect Colour Lash clear mascara. I use this for my eyebrows, yes I know it’s a mascara but I’ve been using it for years now as I have long thick and bushy eyebrows that need the holding power of a mascara to keep them in place all day and I would say it does this so well- they don’t budge!! This stuff is like super glue I love it! Also because it is meant as a mascara it has a large spooley which combs through them hairs really well, unlike some eyebrow gels I find, giving more of a natural look.

These are the products I use every single day, I don’t think I could live without these guys!! Go and check them out seriously.

Thank you for reading, Tilly Rose x


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