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So I’d heard a few youtubers talk about an app called Lalalab where you can print photos from your smartphone, I thought it was one of those annoying sponsored videos they have to do, but no this app is actually really cool! Randomly I decided to download the other day and I started looking through at the options of photo sizes and prices and was totally wow’ed!

What sold me instantly was the fact you can print pictures out in polaroid sizes for only 29p each!! As well as that you get multiple voucher codes, for example they have a 25% off code (SUPERDAD) for Fathers Day which is useful.IMG_9764.PNGI love love love the design of it, it’s so attractive and really in ‘trend’. Here you can see just 2/11 different printing options however there are many more options like creating your own Lalabox, magnets or canvases and so on.

Once you’ve made your order, most probably with a voucher code of some sort, you receive a couple of emails from Lalalab- not to many but just enough to keep you excited for the arrival! Here is what they sent me…  as you can see they are very nice and kept more informed of what was happening to my order.

So the best bit and the whole point of the app is that once you make your first order you receive a personal referral code (£5 off) that you share with your friends and family so both of you benefit. How this works is that once you’ve shared this code you are now sponsoring that person, so that when they use the code for their first order you will automatically receive 5 credits (basically £5) to your Lalalab account. So the more people you sponsor (pass the code on to) the more credits you gain. Your friend also benefits like I said, by receiving a £5 voucher to use on their first order only having to pay for shipping which is affordable! The process carries on to the next person and the next person ect, its great fun!

They arrived in a super cute pink envelope with a quote that says ‘great moments’ which I thought was a nice touch! You can tell so much thought has gone into this app. So here is what I got…

I have been majorly impressed with quality of the products this company produce; I wish to have a massive collection of Polaroid pictures, which I want to display in various ways all over my bedroom.

I high advise you to get downloading this bomb of an app and just take a lil’ look, there might be something that sparks off a photo related idea for a present or something. Who knows.

Tilly Rose x



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