My Best Beauty Hacks.

We all know that everyday beauty can be challenging or time consuming at times, that’s why I have put together some of my favourite hacks to help you too!

  1.  Spot attack?!  Don’t worry nappy cream is now you new best friend, I love this hack as it works real wonders on me. First I take a cotton bud (too avoid spreading bacteria into the pot) , dip it in sudocreme or any nappy/rash cream and then dab it onto my spot. It will take away some of the swelling and reduce redness. Or if my face is particularly blemished I apply a thin layer over the area as it gives the same results.
  2. Want matte lips?  Well all you’ve got to do is lay a thin piece of tissue paper over your lips, tap some loose powder over the top and your lipstick should be matte! This way you can still wear your favourite shade of lipstick and make it matte!
  3. Need to clean your brushes? There’s no need to buy an expensive brush shampoo when you can use a seriously inexpensive baby shampoo. It is harmless as contains barely any chemicals seeing as its for babies. I use Johnsons Baby Shampoo which can be found in your local super market, a big bottle will last you forever! It removes ALL the makeup, dirt and oil from my brushes (even waterproof) effectively! While it is strong enough to kill germs/bacteria, it won’t dry out the hair bristles.
  4. This one is my life saver… I have major frizzy thick hair and those newly grown smaller strands of hair just stick straight up, it basically looks like I’ve been electrocuted or something. So to stop this from happening I use my curling wand to flatten them down, just be careful not to burn your forehead like I did once! IMG_2940 (2)
  5. Want bigger, better eyes? I love to use a skin coloured eyeliner on my waterline for this as it makes my eyes seem more awake by brightening them. It looks so nice when you get the perfect shade that’s close to your skin colour, if white is used it can look obvious and not natural. A good drugstore one is Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Waterproof Khol in nude or for highend I’ve heard good things about the new Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline eye liner in walk of shame.
  6.  Trouble with winged eyeliner? I have solution that actually works! That is to use a page marker or a post it note to make the eyeliner sharp and clean. All you need to do is take a sticky page marker and follow your lower waterline then place it down. After just draw in your wing with any type of eyeliner and don’t be afraid to draw on the page marker as once you peel it off you should be left with a nice sharp line. This is much better than cello-tape as it is less harsh on the skin! I would highly recommend this hack.
  7. Forgot a blusher? Its as simple as taking a lipstick, making yourself look like a china doll (dabbing a little onto the cheek with your finger) and then of course blending it out with your finger. If the colour is too intense then just go back over with your foundation or concealer brush to help blend it in a bit more.
  8. Who needs an eye primer?! If you do not own an eye primer do not worry as using some concealer and powder over the top works just as well. This can work better than some primers to cancel out veins, discolouration and redness, that is why I really like it.If you have oily eyelids this may not work as well for you because of the concealer creasing, just add more powder or the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden gives a similar effect because it is made for that purpose.

And that’s all for my best beauty hacks, I really hope you enjoyed reading about them. Please comment your favourite ones or if you have any of your own that you’d be happy to share with me that would be great! Thanks.

Tilly Rose x



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