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I am lucky enough to have been taken to some of the most amazing places across the world, in my opinion that is and I have accumulated lots of photos and memories whilst travelling. I would like to share my favourite places and photos from my travels in the last few years as well as the places I want to go…


Thailand, Phuket, Surin Beach

So to start off with my favourite place ever and that is Thailand. Its just the most perfect place to go for SUN and relaxing, it gets well into the 30’s during peak season (February- when I went!) and it is just beautiful. The people are so friendly and their culture is amazing too! I love you Thailand!

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I have been extreeeemly lucky to visit the Bahamas for a week since it was my cousins wedding. It is like no place ever, its so remote and friendly. The beaches and sea are literally like paradise with crystal clear water! Yet again it is a beautiful place.


Bahamas, Harbour Island

The places I’ve been so far in the USA is New York and a few nights in Miami and The Hamptons (Long Island). I’m obsessed with the good shopping in america, that’s just got my thinking of Sephora actually – ahhh! I should be visiting New York gain in October which is super exciting I cannot wait!

I have also been to many countries in Europe including Greece, France, Holland and Spain. Its crazy to go only a few hours on an aeroplane to see a completely different way of living, for example Holland is so clean, green and cyclist friendly I loved my time there!

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Lastly, Dubai the hectic city/relaxing beach holiday I had for a few days was of course amazing. What an incredible time I spent there! I stayed on The Palm which is a man made island built in the shape of a palm leaf primarily for tourism, it had a fantastic water park/shopping mall plus my hotel was soooo cool…


The places I’d love to visit in the future are:

  • Bali
  • Australia
  • L.A
  • More places in Greece
  • Iceland to see the Northern Lights
  • Milan in Italy

Thanks for reading, the next one won’t be as long I promise!  Tilly Rose x


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