Another disappointing product…

Yet again I purchased these because of the high standards that where set by YouTubers’ and bloggers, however I have been disappointed again. These are the Collection Eyes Uncovered eyeshadow palettes at £3.99, you can’t really resist it I know! But honestly, spend that four quid on something else, these aren’t that great! I have 3/6  of this range because at the time the new releases were not yet out:

  1. Nude Palette 
  2. Nude Bronze Palette 
  3. Nude Grey Palette


Yes I will agree to a certain extent with beauty vloggers/bloggers  that these do have a soft formula but are NOT buttery! I would say they are quite crumbly which is very noticeable when applying to the eye; there is a tonne of fall out which is what you’d expect from a lower priced eyeshadow palette I suppose! No one told me bout that! Or that they crease, the pigment is rubbish and they aren’t very blendable? 🙁


Nude Bronze- best I could do with the poor quality (please excuse the messy brows)!

After wearing these for a whole day the different pigments seem to disperse into one, defeating the object of using all the colours at once. Also fall out occurs throughout the day as well as creasing! I do not own an eyeshadow primer so maybe it would have prevented this but in my opinion these should be made in a way that you don’t need necessarily a primer!

The new additions may have been reformulated and therefore better so you may want to check out some of their new ones. They are the Smokey Purple, Nude Rose and Smokey grey palettes which are on offer at Boots. Please bear in mind that the colours on the website look very different in real life, a lot of them are actually very similar! I do not think I’ll be trying these again however there’s nothing stopping you from proving me wrong and trying them yourselves?!

Tilly Rose x


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