Two concealers not worth the hype!

Have you ever had a concealer that you just don’t get on with? I have! I bought these two concealers because I had heard from many beauty bloggers/vloggers that they where great, unfortunately they haven’t quite lived up to my expectations. I’ve been using them for a good few months now and have developed a strong opinion towards them! They are:

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Maybelline Super Stay 24h – My issues with this is that the consistency is too thick and is hard to apply with a brush, very inconvenient. Therefore it needs the warmth of your fingers or a damp sponge to apply it, otherwise it is hard to blend and move around the skin. Also it sits on top of the skin, so when you touch your face there is marks left where you’ve moved the concealer, not practical! There is a high coverage however the product just slides around on the face and quickly wears away, especially with oily skin. As I have combination skin, an oily nose and random dry patches, the concealer seems to stick to them and make them really obvious which really puts me off wearing it! It also shamefully creases which is a big NO for me, shows how dry in texture it is!

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My only plus to this product is that it is fairly illuminating, works great down the centre of the nose and brightens the under eye area, nothing major though. This is because it has a salmon undertone to it, which is for brightening under eyes rather than covering dark circles.


IMG_2792 (3).JPGRimmel Match Perfection concealer claims that it adapts to your skin tone, conceals, and highlights. I don’t think it does any of those! The only reason why I was disappointed with this was because Iv’e seen so many people talk about how good this concealer is but I just don’t see anything spectacular in it. It’s not like the other one, the consistency is thin which gave a lovely glowy natural look, however its just not what I’m looking for. Unfortunately it doesn’t cover my purple under eye area or my redness of spots, I would say the coverage is low to medium. Also I find it quite time consuming to use for school mornings as you have to be careful not to squeeze out too much product on the annoying applicator!

Maybe these concealers just aren’t right for me, I guess I was hoping they’d live up to the same standards as they did for other people! I’m sure these will work much better on some others , just not on me.

Tilly Rose x


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