M.A.C sponsers English National Ballet?

So at last weekend I went on a very special trip to see English National Ballet’s She Said which is a triple bill ballet (three pieces divided by two intervals). In a nutshell it was created to share the choreographic skills of three women by giving them an opportunity to showcase their work. Each ballet was based on women and was choreographed from a females point of view of the story.

M.A.C Cosmetics is the official make up partner of ENB and in he past has created seasons after seasons of work for them. Make up artist Dominic Skinner and M.A.C Cosmetics Senior Artists had collaborated with designers of ENB to create strong make up looks for two out three of the pieces, they looked amazing!

image1 (2)

Piece named Broken Wings.

As you may or may not know, dancers get very hot and sweaty whilst on stage so Dominic decided to use a product called Acrylic Body Paint from their professional M.A.C Pro line; its a product specially formulated for such occasions, how cool! This skin breathing paint is smudge, sweat, water and humidity proof, so I guess it was hard to get off poor dancers! Dominic explained how he worked closely to the already designed costumes, because the product is a liquid so they were able to mix colours together to create the exact shades used in the fabric of the costumes.

To apply all the ombre effect to the dancers it only took about 15-20 mins, he is a professional after all! There is a ‘simple’ but very effective technique where you start painting the pure colour under the jaw line and down to the chest, then some remover solution is added to thin out the paint without weakening its longevity. This allows the artists to create more of a transparent vale of colour, becoming lighter and lighter until it is blended into nothing. As well as the ombre effect there was a strong mono-brow painted on jet black, which may look strange up close but from far away view it works! Most of the dancers had something similar too this to accentuate their facial expressions emotions whilst on stage on stage.

image2 (3)

Its not just about the colour, they need to know the product and how it works once on the skin. That’s what is so special about having M.A.C as a sponser for ENB because they really have to work together to enhance each other and tell the story! Without M.A.C I don’t know if they would have pulled off the same effect! The colourfulness on stage was amazing to watch, it was so mesmerising.

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