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So today I thought I’d review the Maybelline New York Master Ink eyeliner Matte. Firstly this is NOT ink, it is a classic liquid eyeliner with a ‘dippy pot’ motion. I have been using this for a good three months now and it has done me nothing but wonders! I wanted share with you all my opinion so hopefully you may give it a go!

Click here to see on Boots website.   It is priced at £4.99- worth the bargain!


How did I get on with it?

At first it took some time getting used to the way it applied and just generally switching eyeiners (I was used to a felt tip/ pen product) but I soon got to grips with the easy application. I found the nib to be smooth and soft when applying I think this is because it has a sponge like applicator, unlike some liquid eyeliners I’ve had in the past with hard and uncomfortable nibs, this is not one of those. Personally I like to apply either a thin line, for more of a natural look, or to go a little thicker with a cat eye- my favourite! I’ve really loved wearing this eyeliner, for three months now- that says something!

The question everyone wants to know now…

Whats the staying power like?

A great tester for this is going to get my eyebrows threaded, whilst wearing winged eyeliner… For this you need to pull down your eyelid with your hand in order to stretch the skin. After the painful process is over usually my mascara is everywhere BUT the eyeliner doesn’t smudge at all! The only issue is the colour fades but the shape is still there and your not left with loads of black smudged around your eye- what a bonus!

On a casual school day (not getting my eyebrows done) it stays on amazingly, doesn’t budge and is still black! If I rub my eyes which I don’t normally do, a small bit of black will  transfer onto my hand but the shape is still there.

Why buy it?

I would highly recommend this eyeliner as its perfect for school. This is because it’s matte so you can get away with ‘discrete’ makeup rather than a satin finish which is more obvious. Also it will last you all day with no imperfections, as well as keeping its shape. Overall its a great, easy, first eyeliner because its easy to control and will produce a clean sharp line even if your a beginner!

image2 (1)

What is it like to remove?

Most eyeliners that say ‘longwear’ on are usually a pain to remove and you are left with sore red eyes trying to scrub it off. However this is absolutely fine to remove, surprisingly as it stays on so well throughout the day! I will either use a make up wipe or whilst in the shower, remove it with water and I have no troubles at all doing so. So overall you should have no problems removing this eyeliner.

Thank you for reading my first review, please comment any other questions you have of this product! 🙂


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