Tanning For Prom & My Wonderful Night

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all have been enjoying my blog posts recently, I have been trying to get new creative content up as often as I can. Today I am going to be talking about my prom experience and how I tanned my skin. I personally love getting all dressed up for an occasion, but I still like to look like me. Therefore, I decided to go fairly natural with the fake tan. For this I decided to use a brand called Skinny Tan; I prepped and bronzed my skin with their products. Here’s how:

Prepping my skin

For this I used the Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt along with the Pre-Tan Primer. These both work to exfoliate the skin and remove any dry, dull, dead and ageing skin cells. This allows the tan to glide onto a smooth surface, which reduces the risks of streaks – I found that this step helped so much! I also shaved my legs in order to help the application too. However, both the mitt and the primer (which contains exfoliating beads) was a bit too harsh to use together, so I only used a small amount of the primer as I found that the mitt did most of the work.


Now for the exciting part…getting your tan on! This part was so easy and quick, I was very impressed. The tan I used was the Dark Mouse which yes develops quite dark, but once you wash it off (after 6-8 hours) it looks so natural and golden! I believe that the key to a great fake tan is getting the right mitt, for this I used the Dual Tanning Mitt which is so soft and velvety. It smoothens out the tan so there are no streaks. But BE CAREFUL, if you decide to wash your hands and splash water down your freshly tanned legs then expect for it to go streaky!! This was me the day before my prom, so I quickly jumped in the shower and scrubbed it all off – it came off fine as I had literally just put it on. So bare that in mind people, you need to let it thoroughly dry before you put water on your skin LOL 🙂 .

When I applied the tan I did it the evening before my prom, so that in the morning I could lightly wash it off. It didn’t leave me any streaks or patches, it was even all over, and overall I was VERY  impressed. The colour honestly looks so natural, as I said I used the Dark Mousse which made me look like I had been on holiday – it wasn’t yellow or orange, just a nice brown tan shade! It lasts roughly 5 days and fades naturally too. I am writing this thinking, ‘damn, I’d quite like to be tanned again’, so I will most probably be doing this whole routine again tonight!

My Prom Night

Well it’s safe to say I had a very good night! In the afternoon I got my hair done and I wanted something natural and me, therefore I went for a half up half down with wavy curls. I also got my makeup done which was soo fun! After being in hair and make up (lol that sounds so fancy) I headed back to my house where I changed into my beloved prom dress and took some pictures with my family. Then we went to my friend Lucy’s house (follow her super cute Instagram HERE) where we had more pictures with my friends and then we eventually made it on to our transport which was a cute vintage bus! The whole night was so lovely, although my feet were KILLING in my £25 heels which were from Boohoo so I wasn’t expecting to be catered for comfort. After I said my goodbyes to my fellow year 11 friends, me and some friends headed off to the after party.

It was a strange feeling that night, I found myself looking at people thinking ‘I’m probably never going to see you again’, which is a really scary thought. But at the same time I was so excited to finally get out of seeing the same people every day for the last five years. I felt like a dog that had been let off its leash. I still don’t entirely know how I feel about leaving high school, as I’m not going back next year. I have mixed emotions. I want to leave as I need a new start somewhere else, but also, I don’t want to leave the same routine I have been doing for the past five years. There it feels safe. But I guess it’s just a part of your life where you have to be brave and adventurous. Here’s to five years of high school education and new beginnings!


Thanks for reading!

Tilly x