An Honest Chat

Hello my lovelies, once again it’s been a while! Are you ready for a serious chat about my blogging crisis? If not then at least appreciate the gorgeous, warm effects on the film photos my best friend took of me on our adventure to London!

I am going to be honest with you guys, I’m feeling a bit of a loss of direction for Life as Tilly Rose at the moment. I don’t really know why but I seem to be losing my drive to write and create new interesting content that you might actually want to read! I wanted to discuss with you all how I am feeling right now, partially because blogging can act as a therapeutic way to de-stress for me and also because I just want you to be aware of what’s going on inside my head right now?! I used to be so open and regularly update  my Instagram and Twitter, but recently I’ve lost that connection with you all – which is probably due to a mix of Instagram’s new algorithm (find out how to beat it in this post) and me starting a new job which has taken over my life a lil bit.

As you may or may not know, I am four weeks into my new Sixth Form, year 12 and so far it’s going great! For anyone living outside of the UK, this is pre-university level, for ages 16-18. I have been allowing myself to settle in and find my feet, as well as making friends, but it has meant that I have not been posting content on my blog and social media that often, which I hate! Starting my new school has been easier than I thought, mostly because there were a few familiar faces from primary school, however the workload didn’t start that easy to begin with! I have already been thrown into the deep end with a tonne of homework and expectations of independent study work to do. Which is all fine, I WAS NOT expecting the easy life of high school to follow me through to A-levels, just perhaps to have been eased into things a little better!

So yeah… starting my new A-level courses has definitely impacted my ability to blog recently. It has made me start to question: ‘Is blogging still right for me?’. As crazy as it sounds, I did start to ask myself if it was something I still wanted to carry on. And in all honesty, I had been verging towards the ‘no‘ end of the spectrum, but realised that I am just not comfortable with Life as Tilly Rose in its current form. I do not feel as though my blog reflects ME anymore, I am developing as an individual and maturing, which is natural and was always going to happen! In actual fact I am 17 next month (WHOOP – a lil’ happy thought to take the seriousness away for a moment) so I feel as though it’s time for a little bit of a freshen up.

As I said earlier, I am losing my motivation to write, which sucks as I have all these followers who aren’t getting what they should be getting. Every typical ‘Life as Tilly Rose’ blog post idea I come up with just doesn’t seem to feel like me anymore. All I know is that I want to change the direction of my blog, and taking some time off has helped me decide how and what it could be. This is a scary thought which I am NOT going to be rushing into and I will still be Tilly!

It fills me with excitement and motivation to think of re-inventing Life as Tilly Rose. A new beginning, something more personalised, more interesting, more ME. I want my writing to be honest and helpful to people. I want my blog to make a difference, whether that is just to simply inspire someone to pick up a camera by sharing my love for photography or to help someone battling anxiety. I want to create new innovative content, after all that’s what I’ve always loved doing!

I just want to say a HUGEEE thank you to anyone who has supported my blog over the last year and a half, you guys mean so much to me (as cheesy as it sounds). I really hope you can understand me and haven’t found this post tooo annoying or cringey to read! I have been wanting to pin these thoughts down for a while now. Please stick with me and follow my new journey, I’ll make sure to keep you updated! It’s still going to be me, and I’m probably still going to be doing similar posts, just gonna spice it up a bit 😉 . THANK YOU FOR READING YOU GEMS xxxx