What’s In My Chloe Dupe Bag Of Dreams?

The thing about Instagram is that without even realising it you are being drip fed the latest ‘blogger’ trends just from a quick scroll down your feed. This can be quite exhausting because we are exposed to all these luxury items and feel pressured to buy them. However if you’re like me, you don’t have all the money in the world so can’t possibly keep up! That is why I love it when something inexpensive but jaw dropping pops up on my feed and I think ‘yes I need that!’.  The trend I am absolutely digging at the moment is… the Chloe Faye bag and I’m sure most of you are too because c’mon, its bloody gorgeous! However the price tag is obviously rather high and for a girl like me you’ve got to be kidding, I not going to be able to afford that! Thats why, by courtesy of Hannah Gale and Home Made Hampshire, I have found this beautiful little dupe. It comes from Matalan at a low price of £16, how good is that?! It looks a lot more expensive than it is, let me say that.

Lets take a look at what’s inside my day to day (weekend) bag.


Since I’m a gal it’s necessary to carry a few lil beauty ‘touch up’ items with me. Firstly I always have a concealer in my bag, I like to use Kiko’s compact concealer as it comes nice and small with a handy mirror. I also like to carry/cannot live without my anti bac, this is just a super basic cheap one as I don’t like to splash out on nice ones because I use them up so quickly (oops). Paired with that there is my Body Shop hand cream, in the scent ‘British Rose‘ and I love it, it’s so moisturising on the hands – it feels really expensive!  Then I have my Ysl Volupte Sheer in shade 3, which is just a sheer (as the name says) gloss, fairly moisturising on the lips. I can’t go anywhere without a lip balm, anyone relate?


Obviously I carry my purse, which I received for Christmas so I am unsure where it is from however Cath Kidston do very similar cute ones. And also my keys with this super cute ‘perfect hand’ keyring which me and my sister both have – how cute are we? Then there’s my compact mirror which I take everywhere with me (not meaning to sound vain!) which always comes in handy when I have an INVISIBLE EYELASH IN MY EYE (how annoying are these?)! Last but not least in my dreamy lil’ bag I keep a small tester perfume, this is an Ellie Sab one and it’s gorgeous!

Oh and sometimes a cheeky biscuit or cereal bar is tucked away in there – LOL.

The bag

From Matalan

Now this bag is not only so spacious for an everyday out and about use (I’m confident an Olympus Pen sized camera could fit in it), but so light and easy to use. I adore it. The only hair I can pick in it (literally) is the fact the lots of fluff and little hairs gets stuck on the top half due to the type of fabric which I can’t quite describe! The strap is adjustable however having it on the shortest adjustment doesn’t quite work for me as I’m a shortie. Therefore I’ve tied a small knot at the top of the strap to make it appear just beside my hip, I don’t think it looks too bad like this. Overall this is a great bag and I urge you all to purchase it!

If it’s not exactly what you were looking for in a Chloe Faye bag dupe then I’ve found a few similar styles…

Similar bags:

M&S | Also M&S | & Other Stores | Ebay Zara Dupe (Unsure if this is genuine or not but I know that they no longer sell it on the Zara website)

Thats the end of Whats In My Chloe Dupe Bag Of DREAMS, I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment your thoughts and opinions – do you like this Instagram trend?

Tilly Rose x