My Thoughts On Glossier…

WELL HELLO THERE…it’s been a bloody long time to say the least!

I am absolutely dying to get back to blogging, I miss writing things I actually feel passionately about, rather than Romeo and Juliet essays (that exam was 2hr 30mins long – just putting that out there!!). I miss interacting with you guys, I honestly feel like the ghostiest ghost blogger and Instagrammer out there! That’s why I am going to make it my mission to build myself up again and start talking more to you guys! A huge thanks to everyone who’s been hanging in there whilst I sweat it out in exams halls, you guys are the best.

Now onto the blog post you may have been waiting for…a cheeky review on some of Glossiers products! So as some of you may know, about a month ago I won a pretty cool giveaway (I know – what are the chances!!), and inside that giveaway package was four lovely Glossier products waiting to be tried and tested. I have gotten to try them all pretty well due to my long exam break, therefore I can tell you which ones I have truly fallen in love with. There is three products in total plus a sample, so I will be sharing my opinions on those.


Starting with my favourite, the Super Pure Serum, one of three of their Face Serums Set which you can buy for a staggering $65 *eek*. However, alone it is $28, approximately £21, which I think it is totally worth it. This stuff has legit changed my skin. I can’t really say a bad word about it, it has honestly improved the softness and redness of my skin so much!! Not to mention the odd spot I get now, it has been amazing for reducing spots too, which is a winner in my books!

This serum is purely niacinamide and zinc which is the perfect combination for tackling redness and blemishes. I can tell you now that it has done exactly that, I am amazed! I really feel like it cleanses my pores and the light, water-gel formula absorbs so quickly into skin, which makes it really easy to use. I use as little as one full squirt a day and its enough to keep the spots away!

However, I would urge you to buy The Ordinary’s version of this serum as it is exactly the same stuff, just a lot cheaper – £5!! But shhh..don’t tell Glossier I told you that.


Yup, here’s another favourite. I have been obsessing over this stuff! I was never into blush until I discovered Cloud Paint. It’s SO natural looking, essentially it’s ‘paint’ – a liquid blush formula. There’s no shimmer, just pure blendable pigment. I use a small dot on my fingers and pat it on, and it blends in so nicely with the skin. I have been using this every time when I wear makeup, it’s so easy to use if you’re having a ‘no makeup-makeup day’ or it can be built up for a more flushed, rosy look.

This particular shade I have is called  ‘Beam’ and it’s stunning! It’s like a coral, peachy, pinky colour – it just looks so natural! I would love to try more colours, particularly Dusk and Haze. I think ‘Beam’ would suite anyone, it’s quite universal, which is great!


Oooo, this is such a luxurious Lip Gloss I adore it. Of course, as it’s made from the brand ‘Glossier’, it’s gonna be glossy. But seriously, it’s incredible. It doesn’t feel majorly gluey and sticky and it’s crystal clear. It looks great over matte lipsticks, I must say! I most probably wouldn’t purchase this again due to it’s price of $14 (£10!) and I don’t tend to wear lip gloss that often.

4.   Priming Moisturiser


I received a generous sample of the Priming Moisturiser and I am pleasantly pleased with it’s performance. It sinks into the skin fairly soon and leaves the skin feeling nice and soft. It makes my makeup look sooo good. I prefer to use this when I know I am going to be wearing a full face of makeup that involves a lot of powders. Therefore, I think I would struggle to reach for it because I don’t tend to wear this sort of makeup that often. However, it is still good for what it is, although, I do not think I’d repurchase it due to the price again, $25 (£19).

Overall I think I have fallen in love with Glossier, actually I think I was already involve with it before I tried anything, is that bad?? I guess that’s good marketing for you! One thing I haven’t mentioned is the packaging, it is just so darn cute! I love the simple, plain look and the pastel colours, it makes Glossier’s whole look seem so aesthetically pleasing. It’s also pretty good quality and feels luxurious – which is what you’d expect with the price. I do think some products are worth the money, like the Cloud Paint! However, I think the brands focus is definitely for people with perfect skin and like the dewy, glowy look. Which is great but it doesn’t necessarily appeal to all audiences, therefore, if you don’t like looking like a glowing goddess then smear away! But I do think there are products for everyone within this company, you just have to do some research into the products to find what’s best for you.

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That’s it for todays post! I hope you have enjoyed reading it and have discovered some new possible payday purchases (sorry if it was tempting!)? I cannot wait to try more from Glossier!

It good to be back! Please leave me a comment on what product you would love to try from Glossier? – It can be anything! 

Tilly x